Our B2B Analytics Audit Services

Stop making critical decisions on guesswork or only half the story. Bring in expertise to ensure your tracking and analytics can meet the requirements for performance marketing and sales.
Account Configurations

Get your marketing & CRM analytics and event tracking implementation audited for malpractices. Identify opportunities for improvement.

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Event Debugging

Make sure your click stream and conversion events are being sent just as you anticipated. Stop bad data before it breaks your decision making.

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Data Mapping

Get your user journey and CRM data architecture mapped. Easy visuals to align your team and help you develop an economic model.

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Tracking Plan

Fill important documentation gaps. Record of taxonomies and oversight into which data pipelines support core capabilities.

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Trust your marketing & sales data

End-to-end data collection and enrichment report!

– Fill tracking gaps or jump on golden data enrichment opportunities proactively.
– Get a completed tracking plan for best practise data governance.
– Actionable next steps toward data driven growth.

Step up your analytics audit in 3 easy steps

Get a clear oversight into your sales and marketing data systems and learn how to improve your setup.

Alignment Workshop

We will run through a series of questions to make sure we've understood your requirements.

This also serves to help us understand more about your business, the tools you are using, and the mission critical use cases your data pipelines need to support.

Account Access

Provide us access to your analytics systems and CRM.

We will work with you to understand their status as well as identify any opportunities for additional data collection.

Results in your inbox

You’ll get a detailed report in 10 working days, as well as a debrief workshop to ensure you have understood the results.

This also serves us an opportunity to highlight next steps and how we could continue supporting you.

Outsource your B2B analytics audits for expert guidance and actionable recommendations at a fractional cost.

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Growth starts with data

Your B2B Analytics Audit

How much is bad data costing you?

Ensure you systems can capture, store, and surface data driven insight about your marketing and sales. Ready the organisation for performance results.

Data Governance Kickoff

A Tracking Plan is a data spec outlining the events and properties you intend to collect across your data Sources. It is a living and breathing document that helps clarify what events to track, where those events need to go in the code base, and how those events drive value from a business perspective.

“It is very impressive to see how conciseyou can pinpoint the bottlenecks of future growth."

Founder of robotics company.

1. Common Questions

Q: Which technologies can you audit?

Our core audit is tool agnostic. That said, we can ensure you understand how industry leaders are leveraging their Google Analytics in combination with CRMs like Hubspot or Pipedrive. We also frequently investigate tag managers like GTM, customer data infrastructure tooling like Segment, or paid acquisition tools like Google Ads and Facebook ads.

Q: What exactly do you check?

Once we understand the business case and the capabilities you need to hit targets, we'll check your systems end-to-end. Apart from the obvious things like basic website tracking, we can also check that your event tracking is working, as well as any custom solutions such as cross domain tracking. We can also ensure your attribution and deal flow will show you the money shot.

Q: What if we haven't invested into analytics yet?

Not a problem. We'll help you align on best practises and coach you from the get-go to establish the right mindset. And if you want us to implement your analytics technologies, we can take care of the entire project.

Q: Does analytics really work for B2B?

Absolutely! Many of our customers increase their revenue by 50%-100% after they double down on the channels that actually drive sales.


Account Configurations

Receive tool configuration information that can’t be found in ready-made lists. We comb through your settings and data pipelines so you get the most accurate snapshot of your systems, and we'll guide you into data maturity. The kind of audits that lift hours, days or even weeks from your marketing or development team.

Find holes in your tracking strategy based on the capabilities you require to hit targets. Get specific action lists to support best practice implementations. Empower your organisation to make better decisions with good data.
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Event Debugging

Event tracking has an enormous potential impact when it comes to understanding the the customer journey. But keeping on-top of your event tracking during growth stages or during stack changes is time-sucking rabbit hole for your team.

The unfortunate truth is it often gets ignored, only for your team to discover many weeks or months later that a critical conversion event powering your audiences broke. Let us take care of the debugging and reporting saving you headspace to keep other parts of the business in top shape.
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Data Mapping

Most businesses build up a sort of documentation dept which slows momentum during marketing and sales sprints that require specific stack upgrades. Left unchecked this will create chaos and potentially lead to bad economic models, poor implementations, and poor decision making across the board.

Let us help you understand your systems so you can rely on your team for performance results.
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Tracking Plan

Vanity and bad data are the route of all ROI evils. To combat it, it pays dividends to have a solid tracking plan. This living breathing document is the essential ingredient for your data governance dream to become a reality.

We help you establish essential tracking, the properties to power segmentation, and we will help onboard key stakeholders to keep implementation on a tight leash.
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