Our B2B Insight Reporting Services

Stop investing into growth without competitive insight to quantify ROI. Bring in expertise to calculate and report on growth levers. Prepare for performance marketing and sales.
Growth Audits

Understand where you should be spending more and where you should be cutting losses. Using data to align investments with the efforts most likely to move the needle.

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Economic Model

Understanding the value attached to each of your funnel stages is key to effective decision making. We'll help you benchmark and discovery opportunity for growth.

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ROI & ROAS Optimisation

Your marketing should fuel growth. Understanding the return on your growth investments is key for optimising your experimentation and growth strategy.

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Realtime Dashboards

Save countless hours of painstaking data exports and screenshots to keep your team informed. Go data driven with real-time dashboards and tailored reporting suites.

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Put your data to work

Growth expertise and analysis combined!

– Get custom reports to guide your decision making.
– Access tailor suite of dashboards anybody can use.
– Faster path to growth with insight-driven strategist.

Step up your insight reporting in 3 easy steps

Get best growth focused analysis and tailored reporting to support performance results.

Alignment Workshop

We will run through a series of questions to make sure we've understood your requirements.

This also serves to help us understand more about your business, the tools you are using, and the mission critical decisions our insight will be supporting.

Account Access

Provide us access to your analytics systems and CRM.

We’ll work with them to provide you with insight to drive growth.

Insight to guide decisions

We will work in sprints or to pre-defined scope, and improve your decision making models to ensure your investments will drive maximum impact.

Feel secure knowing that we've helped others succeed before you. Their insight also becomes your insight.

Outsource your B2B insight reporting to boost ROI and break the growth barrier.

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Growth starts with data

Your B2B Insight Reporting

What insights are hidden in your data?

They say that 50% of all marketing is waste... the challenge is finding exactly which half. Imagine if you knew that your Google ads were cheaper per lead, but your leads from LinkedIn converted twice as much and landed deal sizes +200%  bigger. Which channel would you leverage to grow the pipeline?

Growth Audit Kickoff

If you've already been collecting and maintaining high integrity data, performing our initial growth analysis would be a fantastic first step. Otherwise we can start with data validation

"I expected good answers to my questions, and that's exactly what I got... Great job!"

Product Owner of SaaS Platform

1. Common Questions

Q: Which insights can you expect to find?

We can help you tie efforts to revenue. Or show correlation between specific channel efforts and deal flow. Or help you understand what you should be bidding on your CPC to hit specific ROI targets. We can also help you understand which audiences are most likely to convert and use ML techniques to predict future performance or segment your audience.

Q: How do you deliver these insights?

This will depend on the scope of the engagement. But we can deliver zero-fuss reports that capture the insight. We can package into neatly branded presentations with annotations and easy visuals ready for your important board room meeting. We can also create a tailor fit dashboard suites for different functions, job roles, or to show the investors.

Q: What if our data is siloed?

Not a problem. We'll help you understand the possibilities of stitching together with data modeling or implementing the right tools. Bottom line, if we see an opportunity to future proof the business, you can be sure we'll flag it.

Q: Does data analysis really create value for B2B?

Absolutely! Many of our customers increase their revenue by 50%-100% after they double down on the channels that actually drive sales.


Growth Audits

Just how Airbnb's secret to accelerated growth was guided by an insight that home owners with professional photography won more bookings, we aim to support your growth with equally powerful insights.

Depending on the business requirements, we'd perform specific analysis and provide you with our findings to support your decision making.
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Economic Model

Reliable full-funnel marketing analysis. By slicing your data by funnel stage and calculating the value of each stage, we can understand growth potentials and begin to see which marketing channel merits increased spend.

By conducting a full funnel analysis with your economic model in mind, we will help you understands what to shut off and where to increase budget.
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ROI & ROAS Optimisation

You are spending money on ads. Campaigns. ProductIDs. Sources. Conversion. CPA. CPC. CPM. ROI. Then there's the strategy. And settings. Creative. Things can quickly get confusing...

Let us take care of helping you navigate the numbers to determine optimum spend and strategy. Let us identify the winners you should be doubling down on.
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Real-time Dashboards

Have you ever dreamt of dashboards that make operating the business easy. Reports so gorgeous and intuitive that you brag about them to your peers. We can make this a reality.

We create dynamic reports and real-time dashboards to help you consolidate reporting and make data-driven decision making sexy.
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